Every day the English language is becoming increasingly popular in the modern world, following the path of integration. Foreign language is now a prerequisite when applying for a prestigious job and career. Meanwhile, the knowledge acquired in school or College is not always sufficient for the development of informed, strong language skill.

Most of those who want to learn a foreign language, are not able to communicate with natural media. To pay for Tutors not all of us can afford. In the absence of the practice of language skills being lost, knowledge is worth nothing. To ensure that the language is not forgotten, it is necessary that the English language was constantly on the ear. Due to this condition many people who were abroad, learn the language of a foreign country for a very short time. For those who do not have the opportunity to live in the country of the target language, a good tool to study it are audiobooks.

Audio books are a synthesis of written and spoken text. The listener simultaneously watching the text on the screen, listens as reading the text the announcer. Firmly established that listening to audio books, well-read by professional narrators, together with a parallel reading of the text facilitates the study of language. Various studies of British and American scientists proved that such a method of presenting educational material reduces up to 30% of the time required for memorizing new words. This is facilitated by various factors, the most significant of which is the synchronous operation of the left (mainly responsible for decoding the visual signals) and right (focusing on the perception of similar sounds, pauses, accents, etc.) hemispheres of the brain. This allows to increase the perceived volume of knowledge and serves as an auxiliary method of training verbal memory.

Thus, the audiobooks provide the possibility of expanding the vocabulary of the listener, facilitate the understanding of oral and written speech. They can serve as an instrument to achieve progress in the area of pronunciation and diction. Audiobooks is a strong, flexible structure which promotes rapid understanding and assimilation of information. Today, more and more teachers realize the value of the introduction of audiobooks in the learning process.

What results can be expected from the use of audiobooks?

  • Audio books improve the quality of the language skill and literacy. They form a vocabulary, stimulate imagination, enhance reading fluency. Using audio books can be found with a frequency sentence structures, pronunciation models.
  • Audiobooks help to increase the perceived volume of information per unit of time and develop a love of reading.
  • Audiobooks level the ability of students in the classroom. They provide us with additional, powerful linguistic expressions and turns, encouraging the ability to understand, regardless of individual abilities. As a result, students become able to collaborative learning, happy to participate in joint activities occurring in a friendly atmosphere.
  • Audiobooks also contribute to the development of skills to identify the main and eliminate items, and develop the skills of transformation of the language and structure of proposals in the direction of normativity, simplicity and brevity.

The method works with the audiobooks

For a start, concentrate on General understanding of the text. Try to grasp its main idea. If you don’t understand what was going on, it is possible to clarify the meaning of the individual words in the dictionary.

During the hearing concentrate on the accurate pronunciation of each word.

Follow the principle of «Better few, but carefully, than a lot, but superficially». After you understand the text in General, in order to replenish the active vocabulary look up the meaning of unfamiliar words. To do this, select any passage, and fully translate it into Russian language. You will learn many new words: adjectives, synonyms of already known words.

Study regularly. Select the class time and practice every day. Remember that little and often is better than a lot, but sometimes.

When an oral text is sound for you is also clear, as the text in the Russian language, go to passive hearing: driving a car, doing some work, resting. The more time you spend on this activity, the deeper and better will be your learning.

To translate words and expressions from passive vocabulary to active, do the following: read out loud, learn syntax, write your speech on audio media, in order to compare your pronunciation with the pronunciation of the speaker.

Audiobooks is one of the most effective means of improving English proficiency. Of course, the learning process will require time and effort. But the purpose to which you will come in the end, worth it!