About the necessity of English today knows each of us. However, not all people have the means to visit high-quality courses. Training in special schools is quite expensive. So many are thinking about how to learn English grammar without the help of Tutors and teachers. This task is quite feasible with certain conditions.

A clear statement of purpose and the right motivation

You will never force myself to regularly do the language «just in case». You should know exactly why I decided to learn English. Quite a lot of options:

  • To obtain a position in a respectable firm.
  • To read favorite books and watch American movies.
  • To marry a foreigner.
  • To settle in another country and feel comfortable, etc.

You need to determine to what level you wish to improve your knowledge (to learn database, learn to understand what they read and write letters, translate books and documents, to communicate freely with native speakers, etc.). Studying English on their own and free, you just have to ask ourselves what the real purpose of the task. All of the above fix it on paper.

How not to lose motivation half way through? Remember that you should periodically do a check of the received knowledge. For this you will need various tests, which are easy to find online. Just watching the positive changes, you will be sure that to continue the classes really worth it. Be sure to encourage yourself for success.

Where to start to learn English for free?

Be prepared for the fact that you have to allocate for class time. Of course, you will not achieve anything, if you learn the language of 1 time a week. Lessons should be regular. Make an individual plan and steadily follow him. To learn English on their own can be difficult due to the lack of constant control of the teacher. But you have iron motivation, isn’t it? And you’ll do just fine!

Common mistakes wanting to learn English

Many people spend years trying to learn a foreign language, but could not achieve it. Maybe at first they even put a lot of effort, but then become boring, and, most importantly, ineffective. One sees that there is no result, and convinces himself that he «just no talent for languages». It’s just an excuse. Most «incapable» did not go to learn English for free just because they choose the wrong system of education. About such as in schools and institutions where the foreign language was not a core subject. So, what is the error?

  • «The more words I learn the better my knowledge». Of course, good vocabulary is fine. But a little memorization to anything good will not. Having learned a thousand new words, you are unlikely to be able to freely communicate with an Englishman. You just did not understand. You frantically try to pull familiar words out of a monologue of the interlocutor. But it is extremely important to learn to perceive it integrally.
  • «I can easily learn English, simply translating your favorite songs and movies». Of course, you will learn how to better perceive English language on hearing, but this is not enough. Without knowledge of grammar and correct pronunciation you can not do. If you are serious.
  • «The only reliable source of knowledge – books. So I’m going to learn grammatical rules, they will enrich their vocabulary, etc.» As you can see, this version is completely missing practice. Theoretical knowledge need to regularly work out. Otherwise, everything that was in your head, it soon would simply «wear off».

So from the above you need to make one important conclusion: in order to learn English independently and free of charge at a decent level, you need to pay attention to ALL aspects of the language. The lessons you will make for yourself, can be divided into three types:

  • The study of English phonetics.
  • The study of English grammar.
  • Practice in writing and speaking.

Next, we’ll talk about what materials you can use in order to master each of these aspects of the language.

The study of English phonetics

Perhaps it is with phonetics and should start. You want to get rid of the ugly accent and make my speech as close as possible to native speakers? In this case, you need a good knowledge about the sounds and pronunciation of English words. For this you will need audiokursy. Very good phonetic materials from Ann Baker. They can easily download on the Internet:

  • For beginners course is “Tree or Three”. The book is published in English. The book is divided into a plurality of systematic sections. The attached audio file that contains a lot of practice listening and pronunciation. A definite plus – you teach native speakers!
  • For the middle level (Intermediate) recommended a similar book – “Ship or Sheep”. It is built exactly the same as the previous course. To check the obtained knowledge, you are also invited to write down the dialogues by listening. You can then check the correctness of the text, just looking at the book.

Both courses help you to learn the proper pronunciation of sounds and words. In addition, gradually you will improve the understanding of the English language.

By the way, if you want to work hard on improving the perception of English speech, be sure to consider the following advice. You will be very useful special audiobooks. Quite the job, but the result is worth it. You will need to show on paper what he heard, and then compare your notes with the original text. Thus, you not only will learn to better understand spoken English, but also to some extent improve grammar. For example, you should pay attention to the book “He knows too much” Alan Mali. Of course, to start such activities after the achievement of the average level of knowledge.

Learning English grammar

Above, we already came to the conclusion that it is not necessary to do an emphasis on the study of grammar. However without it you still can not do, because you must own at least the basic rules (how to build phrases, sentences, what times to use in a particular case, and so on). Be prepared for the fact that learning English grammar is quite monotonous and sometimes even boring process. You have to see the large number of rules and to consolidate knowledge through written exercises.

What benefits will provide you with the benefit in the study of grammar?

  • You should pay attention to the series of books “Round-Up” by Virginia Evans. In the web you can download manuals, designed for people with levels from «elementary» to «above average.» Benefits reflect the modern rules of English grammar. Exercises with a tinge of humour makes the learning process much more fun. After each section, you can pass a control test. The keys and answers to the assignments can be found in the manual for teachers (Teacher’s Guide).
  • Does not can learn all times active and passive voice? Confused in the construction of conditional sentences? Do not pass by the good old edition, edited by Golitsin «Grammar. A collection of exercises». This book allows you to produce great practical results. The more exercise, the better secured the acquired knowledge. Theoretical information here quite a bit, so use the book as a basic textbook is not necessary.
  • Macmillan “Grammar in Context”. Universal course includes 48 grammar topics necessary tables, appendices and the answers to the assignments. For one page of rules and explanations of the theme should be three pages of exercises to consolidate the acquired knowledge. The textbook is very common among Tutors. Used in the preparation of foreign language teachers and interpreters in universities.
  • If you are rather advanced in English grammar, pay attention to the course Mark Foley “Advanced Learner’s Grammar”. The book presents detailed explanations. Thanks to the tutorial, you will learn the subtleties of grammar and learn how to avoid common mistakes. In the manual a lot of practical exercises and special tests for diagnosis of knowledge.

Practice in writing and speaking

In order to study English for free without the help of a tutor, need more practice. You must learn not only to read, to write, to understand the interlocutor, but also to Express their thoughts. Both on paper and in speaking.

First and foremost, you need to work on expanding their vocabulary. Don’t memorize words from a dictionary, and to approach the goal consciously. Believe me, memorize new expressions can be fun. There are several options:

  • Viewing of interesting films with subtitles (or without them). Great motivation for learning new words. You really want to know what was going on in a particular movie? Then find exciting movies and armed with an online dictionary.
  • Do you prefer literary works? In this case, the method of reading Ilya Frank sure you will love. Special books are divided into a large number of passages. Initially, the reader sees a paragraph is an adapted translation of words and comments. Then you are invited to read the unedited text. Memorization will happen naturally due to their repeatability. After a few months your knowledge will improve dramatically.

The problem with many people who study the English language, is that they think too long, before presenting their thoughts. A person first comes up with a phrase in Russian, then translates it into English, and then says aloud. To overcome this difficulty only by practice. Make it a rule to regularly take excerpts from any works and retell them. Not mechanically memorize and nice to talk to. With the correct intonation and expression. And, of course, with a sufficiently high speed. You can even front of a mirror. Soon you will notice positive effect.

Learning English for free, you have to remember that you need to communicate with other people. For this purpose you can use Skype. In the web you can find a lot of communities where people want to get language practice. It will be nice if you manage to find a native speaker as a permanent companion. Virtual buddy will surely draw your attention to mistakes. If you’re not quite ready to voice communication, start with the online chat.

In conclusion, I would like to remind readers that the result of the work largely depends on your mood. Be sure that you will succeed! The self-study will be effective, because you apply for this effort. Free English not only in a mousetrap!