All peoples have their national holidays, traditions and customs unique to their culture. Festive events like the residents of every country are preparing, looking forward to it, note with pleasure and regret breaking up until next year. English holidays is an integral part of the culture of the English-speaking world, the way their expression, the source of habits and behaviors. Often, to understand the soul and character of the inhabitants of a particular country, you need to get acquainted with their customs and traditions. Let’s look at the most famous festivals celebrated by the residents of English-speaking countries.

Holidays in England

New year, 1 Jan. The most important tradition of the winter holiday, which has always been revered English tradition first guest. If after midnight in the house will drop the dark-haired man, the next year will be for this family successful. Guest must bring charcoal and, without saying a word, toss it into the fireplace, and only after that to congratulate the hosts. This practice means that the house will reign peace and prosperity.

Valentine’s day, February 14. One of the favorite holidays of the British, which is celebrated with the entire scale. A secret delivery of gifts, the preparation of couples by lottery, exchange of sweets and soft toys – this Valentine’s day is one of the surprises. And, of course, lots of different hearts.

Mothers day, March 22. The analogue of our 8 Mar. This festival has its roots in the Victorian era, when children from an early age had to earn the money by hard work, being away from home. And only one day a year they could spend with family. Now it is a holiday in England, when children give their mothers flowers and touching gifts.

Walpurgis night, April 30. A coven of witches or a celebration of fertility. By giving in this time together, all the witches and open the gates to the land of the elves. The streets of England are filled with witches of all ages – of course, not true, but citizens in carnival costumes. Also, this holiday marks the imminent arrival of summer.

The chimney sweeps festival, may 1. The British believe that meeting a chimney sweep is a very good sign that brings good luck and happiness. Therefore, they are very often invited to the wedding. This tradition originated long ago, from the time when revered hard work of chimney sweeps – they are respected at all times and considered noble people.

Festival of street entertainment, August 12. This festival lasts several days, the streets are filled with noisy crowds. Carnivals, parades, concerts, theatrical performances, folk festivals, colorful fairs, contests and attractions – on this day, few remain at home, all lend themselves to universal noisy and cheerful mood.

Halloween, October 31. Every year on this day, the streets of England become a real fairy tale with witches hats, devils with pitchforks, evil pumpkins, and other «cute» characters. Kids in costumes of fairytale characters walking around with baskets, and according to tradition they should treat candy, otherwise there will be good luck.

Christmas, December 25. Favorite holiday not only English children, but also the older generation. By tradition, all the people of England hang it by the fireplace stockings or socks that Santa Claus could put their presents. According to the legend, once upon a time Santa through the chimney accidentally dropped a sock in gold coin, and since then became the custom to hang up on Christmas Eve on the fireplace stocking – and suddenly there is something so fall?

Holidays in Scotland

New year, 1 Jan. In Scotland this holiday is called Hogmanay, and is celebrated bigger than Christmas. Here, as in England, there is a tradition of the first guest, who should bring the cookies, whiskey, or fruit pie. After midnight, the owners opened wide the doors of their homes – to the old year, and the streets are organized processions with torches to the fire to banish evil spirits.

The night of Robert burns, January 25. Very revered in Scotland, the celebration in honor of the popular and famous poet, to whom the Scots are very proud of and every year honor his memory. Celebrate this event in a specific scenario, in national costumes, skits, poems, songs, dances and a gala dinner.

Whisky festival, may 3. No specific origins of this holiday there, to this day, the Scots are just going to have fun. Noble alcohol flows like water, and arranged contests with prizes, which are rare whiskeys.

Independence day, 24 June. As the story goes, in this day of the year 1324 Robert the Bruce (king of Scotland) defeated the English king, restoring to his country the independence. Today this holiday is celebrated «in Grand style» – with folk festivals, concerts, festivals, national songs and dances.

Championship game, the bagpipes, August 14. This event is held annually in Park green (Glasgow) during the day. Prerequisite: each participant must be dressed in Scottish national costume with the obligatory skirt-a kilt.

Andreev’s day, November 30. The day of the patron Saint of Scotland, St. Andrew is the official holiday of the country. There is a very wide: with shows, fairs, music and dancing. The tables in this day there is only traditional food.

Holidays in Ireland

New year, 1 Jan. The most ancient holiday in Ireland, celebrated mainly in the family circle for the holiday table. New year’s eve, the Irish customarily open doors for luck, prepare the national dish (a pudding and a cake with caraway seeds), and wait for any guests who by tradition is supposed to bring the hosts bread and salt. Salutes and fireworks in Ireland, alas, is not the case, as they are prohibited by law.

St. Patrick’s day. March 17. St. Patrick, the patron Saint of Ireland, so this holiday is considered the Irish to be very important. Only in this country, it is celebrated on a truly Grand scale and marks the arrival of spring. On this day people wear red wigs and green costume, and don’t forget to grab the pots with clover (symbol of Ireland), hurry to the parade, where they wait for the dancing, music and fireworks.

The harvest festival, August 1. In Ireland the imminent arrival of autumn is welcomed with holiday Lugnasad, which means «wedding meadow». It is in gratitude to the gods for a good harvest. On this day, the Irish eat a loaf of the new harvest grain, make bonfires on the hills, bake traditional pies with blueberries and make straw dolls.

Christmas, December 25. It is considered the most important holiday in Ireland. Children decorate the Christmas tree, hang on the fireplace red socks left out for the reindeer Santa Claus cakes, the adults stuffed the Turkey and cooked pudding from dried fruit hanging on the door bells and wreaths of Holly. And the streets are full with artists of different genres, choirs sing Christmas songs and pass sales fairs.

St. Stephen’s day, December 26. The holiday, which is celebrated only in Ireland. On this day, all the Irish boys dressed in a chimney sweep, with soot smeared face, sing carols and collect money then go to charity. Also on this day, a Derby, as Saint Stephen is the patron Saint of horses.

Holidays in Australia

New year, 1 Jan. In Australia New year arrives early. This holiday is celebrated vigorously, with a music show and magnificent fireworks display. After the clock struck midnight, all the celebrations are traditionally interrupted by the ringing of bells and honking car horns, after which the Australians continue celebrating at picnics, rodeos, beach parties, masquerade carnivals, etc.

Australia day, January 26. The most favorite holiday of people in this country. All over Australia with parades and regattas, in all regions in the sky fly beautiful fireworks. Music festivals, cricket matches, awarding of the honorary award of «Australian of the year» – the local population celebrated this holiday. Houses are decorated with flags and balloons, and all the Australians give each other gifts.

Royal regatta, 9 Feb. This festival lasts for three days, to see him going to a huge crowd of spectators. The regatta includes water skiing, rowing, boat race, sailing and colorful event where the beautiful girl gets the title of «Miss regatta». Also hosts a fascinating show competition heats and performances of professional sky diving.

Festival Mardi Gras, February 24. Parade-a carnival of people of different sexual orientation. This is the biggest festival in the world, carrying almost religious hue. Every year this event gather crowds of spectators to watch the dancers in erotic costumes, exotic cabaret, theatrical performances and music shows. Every year this festival attracts celebrities from around the world.

Harmony day, March 21. In Australia it’s not so much a holiday, how much a public event. On this day every Australian attaches to clothes, orange ribbon, thereby protesting against racism and racial discrimination. Students wear orange badge and a sticker with a picture of happy people of different races, and students draw flyers and handing out – so Australians say «no» to racism.

Father’s day, September 6. The essence of the holiday is to emphasize the important role the father plays in the upbringing of their child. In Australia this day is celebrated with great joy, the children enthusiastically draw for their fathers, uncles and grandfathers cards, doing DIY crafts, and give the most popular gift – the tie. Father’s day – a holiday home where the whole family gathers together and arranges a fascinating intellectual game.

Christmas, December 25. This festival takes place in Australia very colorful and original. Vendors, drivers and ordinary employees wear hats with reindeer horns, and shopping centers walking Santa Claus photographed with children. In the night of Christmas lives in the streets dies, they gather at the festive table. Traditional dishes of the holiday – the Turkey, fruit salad and seafood.

Boxing day, December 26. A day when all Australians traditionally exchange gifts. Interestingly, if the gift is not liked, then the donor may exchange it at the store for something else. Offered gift is sure to the box below it been unpacked for intrigue. This is the essence of this Australian holiday.

Holidays in the USA and Canada

New year, 1 Jan. In Canada and in many States in the US it is accepted to celebrate the New year in fancy dress and masks that are removed at midnight. In other States people are just going with the whole family at the holiday table with the traditional new year’s dishes. Also a large number of people come to new York to Times square to watch the Grand gala concert with fireworks.

Groundhog day, February 2. Very beloved by Americans annual celebration. They believe that the Groundhog can predict the coming of spring, only need to observe his behavior. According to legend, if the Groundhog quietly crawls out of his burrow then winter will soon end. If he peeks out and hides again, the cold will last for at least another month. Very often, the Groundhog Day is marked by festivals, which attracts many tourists.

Valentine’s day, February 14. Traditional holiday in the United States and Canada, accompanied by hearts-Valentines and chocolates. Recently on Valentine’s day in those countries decided to give modern gadgets and other practical and useful things. Exactly on the 14th of February witnessed the largest number of wedding ceremonies.

Day grandparents, September 5. This holiday was invented by a housewife from West Virginia. But the idea is so pleased with the Americans that it was decided to make a national holiday. In this day to his old man comes with flowers and gifts the whole family to play old-fashioned games and review yellowed photographs, and grandparents treat their children and grandchildren sweet cakes.

Halloween, October 31. The most popular holiday in the United States and Canada, which is also called all saints Day. It’s almost a fantastic show when kids are dressed in scary costumes, knocking on doors of houses with the words «trick or treat!» hoping to get sweets. Houses are decorated with pumpkins with «burning eyes», figures of black cats, dolls witches, and other mystical creatures and characters.

Thanksgiving day, November 26. Also is a very popular holiday among Americans. It involves a lot of traditions that the residents of Holy worship – be sure to go to the Church service and going the whole family at the holiday table. On this day a thriving charity – the homeless and the needy handing out gifts. The most important attribute of the holiday – stuffed Turkey.

Christmas, December 25. For this holiday in the USA and Canada are prepared in advance – buying gifts and Christmas decorations, decorate the house with tinsel and garlands. All States are full of festive illuminations and colored lights, and the tree lights of America the President himself. Kids dressed as angels circumambulate around the house, and singing carols, for which traditionally receive candy and sweets.