There comes a season of holidays and vacations, and this means that in front of parents again faced with the problem of where to send their children to relax. If you want your child was under supervision and not goofing around, learned a lot, got a lot of experience and have acquired any useful skills, because at a young age so simple to master.

How to make possible to combine the useful with the pleasant? And to make it absolutely simply, it is only necessary to send the child for language courses abroad. Here he will get a lot of new experiences and will be able to learn a foreign language or improve their language skills.

Of course, you always have the alternative to burn it to a foreign language courses here in Russia and to leave under supervision of grandmothers and grandfathers, but in this case you are depriving your child of much-needed rest, and lessons of a foreign language will become a burden to him. Besides no matter how much he was doing in Russia, in any case, communicating in the language will be limited to a few hours abroad as he will have to communicate constantly that will quickly allow you to overcome the language barrier and assimilate the resulting material. From abroad, your child will come back refreshed, full of energy and excitement, besides with a much better knowledge of a foreign language.

Not for no secret assertion that the most effective are language schools located in the country of the target language, that is English language is better to learn in England, Spanish in Spain, and Finnish in Finland.

So what are the opportunities of learning English are there in UK that can offer the tourist company your child?

At the moment it’s safe to say that whatever the reason you did not send the child to English language courses, you can always find a program to suit your needs. You can choose any intensity, any duration in the most appropriate time.

During the summer vacation travel companies offer the following opportunities of learning English for students:

  • Summer camp

Here children learn and play. Usually, summer camps for foreigners are located in the suburbs of London and there come children and adolescents from 8 to 15 years. Needless to say, children from 8 to 15 years prefer to settle and teach in the suburbs of London, in the picturesque villages, not in London, as it is more secure. Summer camps for foreigners are located in schools, colleges, universities and other residences. Children and study and live in one place. It is important to note that for children 8 – 15 years to learn English in England is much more expensive than for older children. This happens because the first requires constant monitoring, is a big responsibility, schools should hire teachers to obtain a special license, and more adult children are more independent, they are able to care for themselves and more efficient control over their free time.

So, sending a child 8 – 15 years education in England, get ready for this pleasure to pay about 1800$. By the way, the English language training older child on the same terms could cost about 1500$. Of course, these prices include food, accommodation, and tours and tickets, and various duties that do not like to specify in the initial price of the travel company.

There are language schools that take young children and in London. In this case, children, as a rule, are settled in families, and everything else was the same, only the price for this trip is getting more expensive (at least$ 300), and freedom and clean air, the child will receive less. Although perhaps this inconvenience will be offset by the opportunity is one of the greatest capitals in the world, with its abundance of fine architectural buildings and other cultural values.

  • Language courses for children from 16 years

Includes tuition plus excursions and entertaining program. By the way, about the latest you need to know, namely what kind of excursions organized by the school, whether there are places for sports, it will be organized by children’s entertainment, includes any of the above services in the price. Trips to language courses in England can apply both individually and in groups. In the first case, you visit, your child does not depend on the group, and he will go in a completely new language environment, which is a positive factor, as it will be constantly forced to communicate in English, this means to overcome the language barrier, to improve their knowledge in foreign language. To live child, is likely to be in the family, although it is possible to stay in a hostel, or in specially rented premises. In principle, sending a child on a trip individually, you can pair him with any conditions of residence, education, number of travelers etc. This trip is likely to cost a bit more expensive than a summer camp, or the same – it all depends on the chosen program. Group trip will cost 200 – 300 $ cheaper than the individual program. However, in this case you will have to wait for the typed group of children, and be aware that your child will have the opportunity in England after school to communicate in Russian, as the group of children likely to study in the same school and live in one place. There are also advantages: for example, with groups almost always accompanies rides, road trips are better organized, if your child is shy, then maybe a trip to the group he would be good as he will not feel lonely.

How to make a selection of a language school?

Of course, there are hardly any rules at all occasions, but I hope some tips will help you to make the trip more comfortable and productive.

1. Note the intensity of the course. Usually travel companies offer:

  • standard course – 20 lessons per week, 45 minutes a lesson.
  • intensive course – 30 hours / week, 45 minutes a lesson.
  • combined course – 20 lessons per week + 5 or 10 lessons advanced.

Selection intensity depends on the level of knowledge of your child, don’t try to overload it with additional lessons – in any case he will consume only what is able to learn. At the same time, if a teenager knows well the language is best to send it on a more intensive course, otherwise he will not gain anything new, except for communication skills.

2. Check what time school starts in the first or second half of the day. Classes in the morning will cost a bit more.

3. Decide with the city, the size of the school, its remoteness from the center. Training in London will be much more expensive than in the suburbs at the same time, the closer the school to the centre of London the more expensive it will be, the higher it is valued. The size of school also matters: in a big school in your child’s disposal will be a wide range of programs and services, and in a small school may not be of Russian students and schoolchildren, and the child will always be under the supervision of teachers.

4. Try to learn more about teaching methods. In principle, England has a long established system of language courses, people are going to learn the classical language, and quite successfully. Courses usually focuses on the topics of everyday communication, qualified teachers offer exercises based on real life situations that brings the learning to reality and makes lessons a foreign language exciting and relaxing. In addition to educational programs, a large number of excursions to the most interesting and famous places of the country. However, there are other approaches to teaching methods. For example, some schools do not see the need to learn grammar, considering that as infants learn the language without the help of a textbook on grammar, and foreign children will be able to learn the same way. It is difficult to agree with this opinion or refute it all depends on the abilities or aptitudes of your child.

By the way, do not forget that in case the language courses there is no concept of «season», and prices are set for a year in advance so you can plan your training and rest your baby.

So, armed with this knowledge, we can safely start to choose the training course your kid will certainly give him a lot of benefit and pleasure.