Nearly every person aspiring to achieve success in the modern world, sooner or later starts to think about a serious study of the English language. Choosing different methods of teaching and making his way through the intricacies of vocabulary and grammar, we are changing teachers and trying to achieve maximum knowledge and correct pronunciation. The modern world offers us a lot of opportunities to implement their dreams, of which every person will be able to choose the best option for yourself.

A variety of schools and courses of English cordially open its doors to us and invite us on a fascinating journey that will allow you to learn the language in all its glory. Such teaching methods are very good for those people who have the skills to work in a group and have a lot of free time. The learning process here is based on teamwork and classes are conducted in a strictly specified time. Unfortunately, this is not an option for business people who appreciate every minute and can’t afford to go to school in the other end of the city three times a week.

For those who is unable to attend classes due to this reason, there are online courses for learning English, as well as the opportunity to learn independently at home with the help of special literature. Both of these methods require enormous self-discipline and commitment to learning, and therefore not suitable for each future polyglot. In these ways, there are many pitfalls that may hinder effective learning of the English language, for example, lack of control and inability to make the learning process vivid and memorable. Besides, doing it yourself, the student quite difficult to acquire the correct pronunciation. While every person knows that to unlearn is much more difficult than to understand the truth from the beginning. That’s why sooner or later each of us comes to thinking about how to get your own teacher who will adapt to his apprentice and patiently move it to the thorny path of language learning.

A good tutor is nothing to sneeze at

A good tutor passed «from hands to hands», they appreciate and cherish. And rightfully so, because they belong to the process of learning very seriously. As a rule, the teacher with a capital letter use in their lessons is not just a textbook and its applications, but also develops the bulk of the material on their own. After a few sessions he identifies the potential of his pupil, his perceptual system chooses the system of delivering the material to the student taking into account his psychological characteristics.

A good tutor of English language knows that all people are divided into audialov (the perception of information by hearing), visual learners (perception of information through sight organs) and cinestetico (perception of information through the senses). In his work, he enjoys all outdoor features: video and audio recordings, periodicals and literature in the language, Skype and email, communication with native speakers. That is why, even before the start of classes, should be reported to the teacher your goals and future plans so he can advise you on the most optimum method and method of presenting the material. For those who decided to enroll in a foreign UNIVERSITY, a teacher will be a minimum of a Glossary of educational topics, will help you look for a grant to study and to write a letter to the University. If you have a business internship abroad, you will be asked learn English with elements of business vocabulary.

In any case, hiring a tutor, you can be assured that you will get is not thread-lesson system of teaching language, and individual approach, taking into account all the individual characteristics of your cooperation. Corporate courses and group English lessons give very good results, but they are absolutely not suitable for those students who urgently need to raise the level of knowledge. In this case, help a English tutor who can tailor lessons to the goals and needs of your student. The characteristic quality of the teacher – this lesson plan and individual assignments tailored for each specific lesson. The tutor, who asks about your goals and building a course based on them, is a true master of his craft! He not only finds a common language with his disciple, but also motivates him, gradually instilling a passion for his subject.

How to choose a tutor of the English language?

Standing in front of such a serious choice, many of us are guided by the advice of friends, friends, school teachers or announcements in the media. Each of these methods is good in its own way and each has its pitfalls. Very nice to have in the tutoring of one of his friends, he knows your future student’s needs and interests, and therefore will be able to make a training program. On the other hand, a Professor may be ashamed to inquire the real cost of tuition, and the student will feel uncomfortable from the fact that paid too little. Besides when playing with friends the whole process of training can turn into a discussion of the latest news, which can lead to loss of valuable study time. Experts advise: spend five to ten minutes retelling the latest news, but do it only in English. Agree, this is a good exercise speaking.

English language tutor, whom you have chosen on the advice of his friends, no doubt will try to show their best side, and therefore will retain enthusiasm for the whole training period. However, no one can give any guarantee that the approach which turned out to be perfect for one of your friends, it will be for you. In addition, tuition fees will be paid by your friend, no more and no less. School teacher in the role of the tutor is a very good option, however the training program in this case is much like a standard-traditional. In principle, it is a good idea, because the process of learning at school or University the student will quickly go to the mountain, but whether he is bored in class? People think that to find a tutor for the ad in the newspaper, it’s all like buying a pig in a poke. In fact it is not. It is so with particular care and persistently, it is possible to find an optimal mentor.

A few recommendations to those who choose an English tutor

Before you opt for one of the teachers, talk to them on the phone and ask each of them several questions concerning training. Ask what method the teacher uses in his practice, whether the tutoring work or he teaches the subject at one of the schools. And so it may be that the person who offered you the services of an English tutor is not a teacher and translator. This is highly undesirable, as the translator, although knowing English is excellent, often may not possess principles and methods of teaching, and therefore will not be able to have a quality occupation that wholly falls short of its objectives.

Remember that a good tutor never persuades a potential student to sign up to it. He is always full of students and no time for discussions.

After a telephone conversation the need to personally meet with the prospective teacher. Good command of English after a short interview will prompt the student to pass a test in order to determine the level of his knowledge. This aspect is necessary in order to correctly choose the method of learning and plan activities. You can also ask about which textbooks will be used in the learning process. It should be noted that for students just starting to learn the basics of modern English language, not suitable educational literature, which is designed for practicing with native speakers. Well, and Vice versa: textbook for beginners will be useless in the classroom with those people who have reached a certain level in learning English.

Remember: a good teacher never directly invites the student to start the course, first he will check the level of knowledge and make a training plan.

Often Tutors offer to hold one trial lesson for free. This is a very convenient moment, since it demonstrates the integrity and seriousness of the teacher and allows the student to decide whether it is convenient for him to learn the language in this form. The first lesson allows you to establish (or not establish) a psychological contact with the teacher, and this is one of the necessary conditions of any cognitive process.

Remember: a good teacher never gives promises that you will learn everything he knows. English tutor gives you the knowledge and how to use them – you decide for yourself.

Why you need a English tutor?

Recent Soviet period played havoc with private lessons, additional lessons in those days were encouraged lazy and trudnoobogatimymi children. In recent years related to such employment, as tutoring has changed a lot, now to do individually is not only prestigious, but also very useful. Today English language tutor is a sign of prosperity and solvency in the family, and there are several good reasons.

First, the child who is engaged individually, often doing well in school and knows a lot more than other children. This means that he has all chances for admission to a prestigious UNIVERSITY, and after graduation – a high-paying job. Therefore, an appeal to the tutor – it is nothing like a solid investment in the future of their child.

Second, tutoring help alleviate some individual characteristics of children. For example, the child stutters, has any physical defect or just terrified to speak to the General public. As a rule, such children can not fully absorb the material, which gives the teacher in the classroom and in private with an experienced and friendly tutor of English language learning will be much more successful.

The third reason why parents should pay attention to the tutor is the features of puberty. At this point, the child tries to understand himself as a person, and he does it with the most varied forms of the surrounding world. From these discoveries he very often has neither the strength nor the time to study. Here then come to the aid of the tutor of the English language which will build the learning process based on individual characteristics of the teenager.

We used to «gnaw granite of science» and teach our children that any process of cognition must be accompanied by overwork. In fact, to learn something new – it is an incomparable pleasure! You want to read the original masterpieces of world literature, or has decided to travel the world? This is a great incentive to the process of learning the English language was one of the most enjoyable events in my life!