The modern man does not always have the time to attend courses of a foreign language. Innovative technologies allow us to pull knowledge from the comfort of home. Many prefer to learn English on Skype. How effective is this approach? On what to pay attention? Find out the answers to questions right now.

As classes are held on Skype?

The teacher and the student agree in advance the convenient schedule of classes and call at a certain time. The duration of the lesson varies depending on the age, employment, and preferences of the student. The best option – 1-1. 5 hours 3 times a week. In preparation for the exams you can do more, but don’t forget about rest: overload is bad for the results.

In most schools English via Skype study as follows:

  • The student reads the text proposed by the Professor. With the help of special programs, the excerpt is automatically displayed on the screen. During reading the teacher pays attention to pronunciation.
  • The sides discuss the reading. The teacher can ask the student to translate the material. Discusses relevant grammar topics, learn new words.
  • An experienced teacher leaves time for free conversation. Learning English by Skype, you first develop verbal skills, learn to better perceive the interlocutor’s speech at the hearing.
  • At the end of the lesson the teacher gives homework. During a lesson on Skype it is impossible to consider all the grammatical material, so to obtain a positive result requires a lot of work yourself. The finished job is sent to the teacher to check is in the mail.

This is only a rough scheme of work with students via Skype tutoring English language choose different methods. Good help can be the use of a virtual interactive whiteboard. For effective practices, many teachers organize group conferences with several students.

The benefits of learning English on Skype

Learning a foreign language in the virtual mode has the following advantages:

  • Saving time and money spent on travel.
  • Reduced chance of delay. Time is spent more efficiently.
  • Suitable for people leading an active lifestyle. If the default schedule does not suit you, you can negotiate with the teacher about the lesson, late evening, night, early morning.
  • The lack of territorial restrictions. At desire it is possible to find a teacher – native speaker (but it must have a linguistic education). Large selection of proposals will also help to save money.
  • The individual approach of the teacher. In most cases, English on Skype is studied tete-a-tete. The teacher does not have to pay attention to different people. The best option – individual lessons and periodic group conferences.
  • In most cases, schools provide all training materials. As tasks to be performed in electronic format, the teacher will send the necessary textbooks, notebooks, etc.
  • To quickly get advice. Having problems with homework? Just get in touch with a teacher via Skype and ask a question.
  • Closer contact. It is noticed that when engaging online students more feel free and behave naturally.

Who approach the study of English via Skype? It’s a good enough solution for middle school students, students and adults who have at least a minimum level of knowledge.

Disadvantages of learning via Skype

Even innovative methods have their negative sides. The most obvious problem – the intermittent problems with the Internet connection. If you are serious to learn online, take care about finding a good provider and don’t forget to update the system on the computer. Pre-practice chat in Skype with friends.

Another problem is the lack of visual contact between student and teacher. Of course, you can enable video calling, but it will not allow you to fully understand the true mood of each other. Sometimes people are unable to find a teacher with whom they had full understanding.

As mentioned above, when learning English via Skype well developed oral skills. Grammar, the situation is somewhat worse. You will need willpower and self-discipline in order to allocate more time to self-study. This is especially true if you intensively preparing for GMAT, IELTS or other international tests.

Virtual learning in any case is not suitable for beginners: to communicate in the online need at least some knowledge base. You should not choose such a form of education for children, because during lessons the teacher has to demonstrate teaching abilities. This is impossible without real interaction.

There is another important drawback: associating only virtual, you don’t know anything about your teacher. There is a risk of dishonest crooks or incompetent staff.

How to choose the right teacher for online classes?

Follow these simple guidelines and you will be able to make the right choice:

1. Ask, is there a free trial lesson. The very first day you will immediately understand whether you are this teacher. School/private specialist do not offer this feature? This leads to the suspicion.

2. Ask where the teacher was trained. For greater certainty should be requested to send the scanned documents. Whenever possible, the teacher should provide recommendations from other customers.

3. Find out the specialization of the teacher. Be sure to consider their wishes: someone interested in business English, someone needs to prepare for the TOEFL, some people just want to improve speaking skills. The specialist said that he is equally good in different areas? Choose another teacher: a good teacher has a narrow specialization.

4. A great experience – not a panacea. We do not call to ask teachers who have graduated from University recently. 5-10 years of teaching experience is sufficient in order to prepare the student. Teaching English on Skype, young teachers often use innovative technologies.

5. Follow the preparation of the teacher. The man prints the main theses to explain the rules in real time? It speaks to irresponsibility. The teacher could pre-prepare relevant material and not to waste your time for which you pay for.

A competent teacher is trying to talk with students in English and without the rote learning of phrases. Beforehand socialize with people who offer you their services. Self-confident teacher will tell you in detail about the used methods and will inquire about your goals. You promised to help to learn English in 2 weeks? Safely say goodbye to «storyteller» and keep looking. Look at the situation objectively.

Remember that to study English via Skype without a strong motivation and appropriate effort on your part will not work. Wish you patience and inspiring results!