There are many methods of learning a foreign language, some of them are more successful and others give a very low result. Quite often the effectiveness of a particular method lies in the clever tricks that turn learning into an exciting process or even the game. Memorization for many it is a repetition: but that something remained for a long time in the Luggage of our consciousness, a good memory is not enough. For the development of memory and diction training children from an early age to the last grade school forced to learn poems and prose extracts. The child crams a long text, but after a while it forgets. But it is noticed that we rarely specifically teach the words of popular hits or favourite songs, they remembered themselves. What is the secret?

Beautiful melody is a very bright and impressive phenomenon of our consciousness. The song we like, we listen and if we are interesting words that they remembered without effort few auditions. We want to listen, remember and sing along.

But the above described phenomenon of memorizing the songs only applies to songs in the language which is understandable to us.

The idea of learning English while singing is good only when you know at least a little language. If you don’t know a word of English song will be for you to amount to of bird the Twitter: the singing of birds is fine, but it is impossible to know the meaning of the song.

The second important point justifying why it is impossible to ignore the basic types of learning is that the human ear is used to distinguish only those sounds that coincide with the sounds of our native speech. Sounds that are not in our native language, our consciousness «customize» under the usual. We simply do not hear as it should, and pronounced differently. For this reason, many Japanese people studying Russian language, saying «halaco» instead of «good.» In Japanese there is no sound that would transmit the letter «P», and it is replaced by more appropriate. The same happens when learning English. Therefore, in addition to listening to songs in English, it would be nice to see her written words, and also it is advisable to do some phonetic exercises.

To successfully learn English through song you must have audio songs, text in English and its translation. A good tool for your lessons can be karaoke.

To learn songs in English is useful but it should be done correctly.

The songs are different

It is important to know that not every song is suitable to study with her using English. Many modern American and English songs, especially Rap, are full of slang words and expressions that can make your speech understandable for the guys from a not very successful American quarters, but is completely unsuitable for communication with the English Queen.

You also for the enrichment of the vocabulary necessary vocabulary for everyday communication. Therefore, choosing English songs for learning, it would be ideal to focus on such areas as jazz, Blues, Folk and Country. This also suited the Opera and the Musical, but these genres are just not popular among students. Yes, and the above four genres can be beyond your musical preferences.

Today’s youth often listens to Pop, R&B, Rap, Alternative, Rock. Here we are in a difficult situation: in order for training to be effective, you need to listen to exactly what is interesting, but you need to learn the «correct» language. The solution is simple: you can charge the choice of materials for individual learning through songs is an experienced teacher who will eliminate from playlist your favorite songs with gross grammatical errors, or explain the cases in which phrases of the songs are inappropriate during the communication.

For training it is advisable to choose the solo versions of the songs. Several performers and backing vocals can hamper perception.

Songs for first lessons

What to learn the English language through teaching songs required minimum knowledge, does not mean that it is impossible to sing from the first lesson. You can sing and even necessary. But accept the fact that the songs you will be singing – baby.

Even studying the native language, the children sing a lot. Singing in kindergarten — it is not only the development of musical hearing the child, but also a kind of exercise for the development of diction and articulation, coaching also the memorization of new words in their native language. Therefore, for those wishing to sing with the first lessons, it is quite suitable nursery rhymes. If this point confuses you, put the singing to the moment when will be able to understand at least some words of your chosen song.

Songs in English for diction

Here we silenced those who can’t imagine their life without Rap. Not all so is categorical – Rap can also be used in training. But its use is somewhat different than for the Blues songs. Well-chosen Rap easily binds to various phonetic workouts. Instead of learning of tongue twisters, you can begin with learning the verse of the rap songs.

Karaoke, or how to learn with a song

For learning English by using songs in addition to the audio file, you must have the text in the original language and translation. First you need to listen to a song and try to dismantle the already known English words. Even with a good word stock, you will not always be easy to distinguish familiar words in the song. Do not worry, with each lesson it will be easier. Next, read the text, try to translate it yourself.

Ready translation into Russian you will need in order to not look up every unknown word. This takes time, even if you use an electronic dictionary. Irrational and tiring when learning a language to waste precious time looking for the accurate translation for each phrase. There is a risk that you get tired and lose interest in learning. Skip what is not clear, if not particularly affect the General meaning.

After dealing with the text, begin to sing. A good option for this class karaoke, but if there’s karaoke, you can sing, looking at the English text.

Fun classes.