English is day by day becoming more and more popular in Russia. This is due to the development of international relations. Foreign partners, foreign organizations, international legal acts and, of course, a public information resource – the Internet. This is the reality in which lives the modern society.

To interact with people around the world finally became possible, there was an international language. And, to say the skeptics, English is the driving force of the economy, politics and every sphere of human activity. English allows you to overcome the language barrier, to stop being shy to each other and to learn to accept things as they are.

In this world situation knowledge of English is extremely valuable and almost mandatory skill that should have everyone who wants to become part of the global integration process.

And, of course, the most attractive prospect to go to those English classes where I teach native speakers, in other words: British, Americans, Canadians, New Zealanders, etc.

What are the significant benefits of such training. First, You meet with a representative of another culture, which, as is likely, it turns out after five minutes of conversation, have no idea. What we learn in school or know hearsay is not entirely true, there are some nuances… But, as the artists say, it is on the nuances, from the «slightly» depends more than buckets of paint. Secondly, You have the incentive as soon as possible to master it at least at the primary level – after all, alien still You do not understand, if you continue to speak in Russian. And besides, You have the chance to develop their communication skills – without them can be hard. Thirdly, You’ll be able to tell a person about his country of which he is also most likely only know some superficial things. You can surprise, which is always nice. And most importantly – You want it or not, is in a live communicative situation You are in DIALOGUE.

But still You must remember that not all native speakers are professional teachers. Make sure that Your chosen courses are taught by people who have international certificates CELTA or TESOL/TESL. This will give You the assurance that the level of teaching corresponds to the European quality standards.

These certificates was established to create a unified system. Typically, the methods of teaching and level of education in the country depends on national, ethnic and other features. Therefore, it became necessary to establish certain quality standards for teaching English as a foreign language.

These certificates confirm that the teacher owns the communicative approach. She suggests that learning English is possible without mediation. That is, the class does not use any other language except English. At first glance, it is impossible in principle. So we think wrong. The immersion allows you to intuitively understand the speech is the first. The technique itself and the certificates themselves assume a certain system of teaching material, it is attested in the Oxford (TESOL) and the Cambridge (CELTA) and is bearing fruit.

And, of course, the most basic advantage of classes with foreign teachers is that from the first day You are involved in the global integration process. And it can’t be nice…