Foreign language seriously ever tried to learn almost every. Choosing different methods, books, teachers, making his way through the wisdom of grammar and twisting tongue, trying to achieve the correct pronunciation, are attached to someone else’s speech, sometimes be eager to acquire their own teacher, who will think only of the beloved disciple, to adapt only under it, and patiently moving the beloved on the path of learning the language.

How to choose a tutor, and thus.

There are some standard options: an acquaintance, on the advice of friends, the school teacher, or College, or an ad in a newspaper or magazine. Non — standard approach distributing ad «urgently needed!», search for ads that are hung on poles and fences, the engagement of the student of language school. Each of these options are good in their own way. Each person has their own pitfalls.

Lecturer of «their» is good because it met with his student in «an informal setting». And, therefore, knows its interests and needs and will be able to skillfully use it in the educational process. Arrange payment with a friend is always easier. Although there may be a small hitch — familiar shy about requesting a real the cost of lessons, and you as it is not solid to pay too little. And during class with a friend, few will resist the temptation of a thrilling retelling of the latest news. Decide immediately. Study time is given only for classes, and news, then. Or the rule is five to ten minutes of the lesson to devote to the latest news, but to tell them in the target language. Good training simple spoken language.

A teacher that you invite on the recommendation of friends, as a rule, will try to show their best side and will retain the warmth for the entire period of study. Only one «but»: there is no guarantee that the approach is ideal for your friends, will be the same for you. And the payment will be no more and no less, than that prescribed a friend.

A teacher from school or College — the choice of those who are trained by him officially. This approach is good because you have some assurance (though not officially agreed) that your GPA is slowly but surely going uphill. Rare the teacher will deprive the student of improving his financial situation. The program of individual instruction will be based on standard-traditional. This is both good and bad. On the one hand, repetition is the mother of learning, on the other — well, I want to still at least some diversity. Practicing with a teacher, you may face unkind opinions of classmates, consider your knowledge of the «purchased units».

Who do you look for an ad in a newspaper or magazine in advance not to tell anybody. At a certain overbearing — best for yourself a teacher. The only question is how much time, effort and nerves you will spend. It also happens that the Charter from protracted searches, you decide to stay on the candidacy, which in fact are not the best. But it would be a man from you personally remote, and the allotted time for study will be entirely spent on exercises in the language.

If you decide to look for a teacher by yourself, then try to keep the quantity of effort more than paid off by the diligence of the teacher. Clearly specify what you expect and how much you are willing to pay for it, and start searching. Trust the facts — a professional will immediately present you with recommendations and documented to confirm that the command of a foreign language sufficiently. Ads on the fences and poles usually hang people who are not trained in modern methods of job search. For a piece of paper, trimmed with fringe phones, can escape the experienced older teachers retired and seeking part-time work. And can tired of the idleness of the housewife or a kept woman, when taught a language for themselves, but out of boredom decided to share his knowledge with someone else. Daring to engage with a teacher, you can slightly (and sometimes quite well) to win money. These classes are usually inexpensive.

Students of language school too, come across different. Teach a — still a living practice. Choosing such a «tutor» do not pursue excellence, not the fact that he is the best tutor. Horoshist are often more diligent in preparing for lessons and take their work more seriously.

Try as you may (or not).

Good Tutors are passed «from hand to hand», they are cherished. And deservedly so, because they belong to their work very seriously.

First, a reasonable teacher uses not only a textbook and the fact that it’s attached to, but also preparing a lot of material yourself, for your student. Second, after a couple of lessons a good teacher determines what you perceive you have prevails and tries to teach the most complicated material depending on your psychological profile. Gives to hear the auditory, to see the visuals, feel — kinesthetic. And the whole learning process will be built taking into account not only the needs but also the psychological characteristics.

Good Tutors use all open options: cassette player, videos, books and periodicals in the language, communication with native speakers, assignments, e-mail, word, whatever comes to mind and feasible. It is not difficult to bring to class friend visiting from abroad so you can hear the living language, a different style of conversation and, perhaps, finally crossed the cumbersome language barrier.

About a good teacher, with what purpose you come to learn a foreign language, you can count on the fact that the material and methods will meet the formulated task. If you are going to enter a foreign University, the teacher will select for you the maximum amount of words and terms, educational topics, help to write a letter to University to look for grant. Going on a business internship will undoubtedly teach not just the language, and with elements of business vocabulary. Hiring an English tutor, you get a really individual approach, and not thread-lesson system, which were rolled up to you on hundreds of students and no change will be laminated many times, after you pass through the crucible of her.