Impeccable mastery of spoken English has already become one of the most necessary and at the same time, natural skills in the modern world, the key to success in life and a symbol of prestige. Not to find every time the right words and to speak English as easily and naturally as riding a bike, or to swim in the pool, to learn English properly.

Patience and again patience

Setting a goal to learn English, keep in mind that you cannot master it in a month or in six months. It’s quite a long process. Experts believe, to reach a good level in about 2 years with daily classes of 2 hours minimum. Learning a language has its own peculiarity: up to a certain point there is only an accumulation of knowledge (this period is the most difficult). At this stage, you are constantly accompanied by the feeling that nothing happens and you do not understand! And, as a result, many are beginning to doubt his ability and abandon the study of language. It is therefore especially important now to exercise willpower – and believe me, you’ll get a second wind. At some point there will be so-called «brain Bang» you will feel pleasure that you really can understand and speak – continue to respect yourself for your perseverance!

You and only you

Do not believe that we need only find the magic «pill» – the most modern technique or superproducers – and you instantly and without any difficulty to learn the language. Language learning is not just transferring knowledge from one head to another. This is your work, your efforts, your time. And methods, and teachers only help you by guiding to the path of successful language acquisition.

Do not stop there!

Learning English is a continuous process. If you have reached a good level, don’t stop! Even a very good level of easy to lose. It is known that for 2-3 months without occupation, language begins to be forgotten. Therefore, constant practice.

Learn English in a group or individually?

The group lessons have several advantages. First, you have extra incentive to be worse than others. So you are actively engaged during the lesson and in the preparation of homework. Second, the group helps to remove the language barrier, so how do you overcome your shyness in communicating with participants.

To combine individual and group classes makes sense in cases when you need to learn the language in a short period of time (before the interview, training, exam) or need specialized knowledge, specific terminology (in medicine, management, technical language).


Be sure to purchase a small booklet in English. It can be a simple detective stories, romance novels and other «light» literature. You can find books, which are attached to the magazine with their content. Thanks to an interesting story and ease of understanding, the words will be remembered by themselves!


Put on headphones and listen to tapes with any English text to the training course that you are currently enrolled, recorded radio or television programs, texts, well-read you texts, or just songs. Even if you don’t focus on the understanding of the text, the subconscious mind will do the work for you.


Be sure to see the movies in English. They come with subtitles and without. Choose light movies. «Devil’s advocate», for example, under the force of each professional.

Mastering grammar

Spoken language is impossible to learn without knowledge of grammar. Of course, study the grammar a must! Such textbooks as Grammar in Use (Raymond Murphy) will help you self-learn grammar. But in order to feel at ease the necessary conversation.


If you went abroad, don’t hesitate to speak in the target language, even with errors. So many possibilities of the Internet. Find a pen PAL and communicate with him in English.

Tell all

… that you learn English. Familiar with respect to this hobby. And remember: if you started with Monday, then Tuesday you can’t miss!