Knowledge of English gives a lot of advantages and benefits in the professional field and in everyday life people are constantly faced with the need to translate the instructions to the home technology, or text your favorite song, «decode» online message or to communicate with foreign partners or buddies. Each person determines the required level of proficiency, scope, relates their capabilities and the plans under which visits the group, is a private course with a tutor or decides to purchase teach English, to pursue its own scheme. Fortunately, on the market today meet gorgeous print edition, supplemented with audio or video.

Choose a course for independent learning

In total employment, independent study foreign is a perfectly acceptable and justifiable rational approach. The man himself determines the schedule, volume and intensity of training depending on the situation or the speed of learning material. Some people, when faced with the language barrier, during group classes feel uncomfortable, lost, due to unrest do not perceive or do not learn the material, whereas the process of self-learning from them succeeds.

Along with the benefits of learning a foreign language for the tutorial, it should be noted the specific points that you should pay attention. First of all it concerns learning English from scratch. Starting to learn English for the tutorial, it is important to have at least a General idea about the peculiarities of language, to realize the close relationship between the phonetics, grammar rules and vocabulary. Do not neglect the advice and recommendations of qualified professionals on the choice of tutorial. Also note that an extensive vocabulary and knowledge of the rules is good, but without practice live communication to reach a qualitatively new level of difficult.

Language rules: pitfalls and current

Question about choosing teach English language relevant for members of a linguistic community, which in everyday life and the socio-cultural sphere to communicate in other their native language. Native speakers usually actively use it, a good command of the language norms, which are formed in terms of the historical continuity of verbal tradition, and in accordance with the relevant requirements of the developing community. Usually in the early stages of learning, well-learned sustainable speech norms of native language, can slow down the process of mastering foreign language, especially if the person has this language in the list scheduled to study first.

Our compatriots can be difficult to understand the logic of the use of verb tenses, articles are absent in Russian, to learn how to intone. As you know, all difficult or hard to understand (and not only in English) student’s ardor cools. Do not think that the difficulties arise only when studying a distant language groups, in this case German. For example, in the study of close languages of the Slavic group can «confuse» unusual stress or completely different meaning of words almost identical in their sound in Russian. Overcoming the language barrier – a matter of practice, however, each person requires a certain amount of time, depending on individual abilities, as well as the accompanying exertion.

Experts say that difficulties arise when studying the first 2-3 foreign languages, then the process becomes easier, takes much less time and effort. This phenomenon is due to the rapid destruction of sustainable and efficient creation of new associative connections in the human brain. The sooner people acquire and consolidate such experience, the better will be the result. To do this, you should try to create the most favorable environment in which the person is able to learn the material most efficiently. Clearly structured teach English with intelligible form of calculations the content material is one of the important conditions for systematizing and accelerating the process of mastering a foreign language.

Eyes of a diligent pupil and teach English is great!

Today there is a great variety of traditional methods and progressive methods of training. Quality teach English is good support in all training activities. The main question of the future of polyglot, who decided to do their own, is how to navigate in a rich range of offerings? Experts half-jokingly-half-seriously argue that the best teach English – effective. Indeed, from experience we know that the result, as the impressions or reviews of the same publication two people can be radically opposite. First and foremost, this reaction is caused by the individual factors:

  • the age of the person;
  • the level of training;
  • intellectual, cognitive, strong-willed characteristics;
  • features of perception (audio, visual, kinesthetic);
  • actuality, the power of motivation.

Many adults say that they do not believe in the ability to master English because of their age. Perhaps in their words there is some truth regarding the properties of memory or lability of perception, but they have a clear advantage. Unlike children, adults have experiences, they have developed volitional, self-control, there is the ability to determine long range goals. The quality and speed of the development of linguistic skills significantly affects General intellectual level, cognitive, mnemonic (the ability to perceive, store, reproduce phonetic form of foreign-language sounds) the person’s ability, grammatical sensitivity, associative memory.

Motivation is another powerful (some experts argue fundamental) the driving factor which determines the success of the learning process. The upcoming foreign trip, communication with a loved one, reading books or watching movies in the original, professional development or self-esteem is a motivation for mastering a foreign language. Choosing teach English, you should know that to update situational motivation (to maintain interest during training) can be interesting for the student theme, plot, shape of the material. Is always to ask (read the annotation to view the content) at what age is the target audience of the tutorial.

Given the popularity of English, almost any fellow attached to the study of language in the kindergarten, at school, when communicating with foreigners, to 14 years of age has a more or less extensive knowledge. When you select a tutorial to determine the level of preparation for learning it is advisable to contact the relevant specialist who will be able to evaluate the starting data. Too light or, conversely, difficult for the student of the task may affect the result negatively. Some allows you to work with English texts without Russian translation, someone will not hurt to start with the transcription of the letters of the alphabet.

Ideally, it would be good to teach English in hands, to look through, to do content analysis: to evaluate the amount of theory and practical exercises to ensure the presence of schemas, tables, graphics, images, phonetic course and the additional audio. In addition that the publication should be user-friendly, high-quality and valuable from a scientific point of view, the essential operational characteristics: the eyes comfortable font size, nice colors, convenient format. Psychologists recommend to be attentive to the form of presentation of information, which is especially important if to proceed from the basic ways of perception: visual, auditory, tactile. Typically, when choosing a book for their own use, people infallibly choose the best option for them.

Methodological consistency and the informative value of a tutorial

People decide to learn English on their own, to teach English, make a serious bid. The quality of textbooks, which have cognitive value depends on the efficiency of digestible knowledge. The proposed material should be based on scientific base, to provide a coherent system of interrelated components: phonetics, grammar, vocabulary. In the placement of the material must respect the principle of consistency and smooth transition from simple to more complex. The introduction of new linguistic resources should be made gradually, in accordance with effective principles of linguistic and logical hierarchy.

One of the main criteria is, of course, form of information presentation. Structured material, adapted for people of a certain level of proficiency in English is perceived easier. Breaking complex material into simpler units allows you to «dose» the amount that is optimal for successful learning, make it more understandable. The presence of practical exercises, checklists or test questions disciplinarum, allows the learner to control the level of their knowledge.

Many experts believe that with self-learning is very important the presence of parallel texts (English and Russian). Others believe that the use of Russian is only required in the wording of the explanation and rules basic grammatical phenomena. Every student reserves the right to choose the option based on their own convenience.

What should be the tutorial?

When the decision to study English independently made, all the familiar recommendations of teachers and have successful experience of friends listened to, it is possible to summarize the information. What should be teach English?

  • Easy to understand.

The presentation of the material should not be too difficult, boring or written in an ornate style, using a large number of special terms. For convenience, teach English should contain explanations in their native language.

  • Be based on scientific methodological approaches.

The print edition should provide educational value, contain special techniques that contribute to effective language development. When you select a publication it is advisable to look through the information about the author, his status, prestige, achievements in scientific and educational activities.

  • To match the level of the student.

To assess your level should be approached objectively, because it is too easy material is wasted time, too complex – can «dampen», lowering the overall positive attitude, and motivation in General.

  • Contain phonetic course.

The presence of a phonetic course is a prerequisite, because when self-learning the correct pronunciation should be given special attention.

  • To include practical and test exercises.

Tasks and exercises to consolidate the material, the control and test questions contribute to the uptake of new material.

  • Includes pictures.

The presence of color illustrations, diagrams, graphics, figures and tables will especially appeal to people for whom visual perception is leading the way of perception.

  • Correspond to the declared age category.

Teach English may be universal, focused on children, youth, adult audiences, respectively, have specific differences.

  • To possess certain qualities.

Basic convenience format tutorial, a comfortable size font, good quality paper is not the most important, but nevertheless, an important quality.