Various beliefs support us in learning English, many of them help us quickly reach our goal. We offer you a list of some beliefs that have helped people in a short time to learn English. Which ones are the closest to you?

What beliefs help you to learn English. Select a few of the most important points.

1. Having communication skills in English, I can communicate with any English-speaking person.

2. People who speak foreign language, have a new level of freedom in their professional activities and career opportunities.

3. While abroad, I have increased freedom of interaction with people in different situations.

4. Knowing the English language at the required level, I can earn more money.

5. Mastery of a foreign language is prestigious.

6. Every modern man should own a foreign language.

7. I am already at a level of awareness that can afford to invest the time and money on intellectual development.

8. Having communication skills in English, I can get married (to marry) a foreigner.

9. Knowing English, I can understand the words of foreign songs and sing along.

10. Fluent English, I can read foreign books in the original.

11. Only a strong, creative, motivated person can learn a foreign language.

12. To the knowledge of the customs and mores of a people, you must first study its language.

13. The study of foreign languages develops the mind, flexibility, the ability to understand another person.

14. Knowledge of English will make my life richer, brighter, more interesting.